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  • Strategize and Get Your Questions Answered During Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching Session with a Masterpreneur

  • Participate in Virtual Networking, Training, and Business Roundtable Activities


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Instructor Bio:

Andrew Frazier empowers business owners to Maximize the Value of their companies by helping them Grow Revenue, Increase Profitability, and Obtain Financing. He guides them along the critical path to create a sustainable business that can run without them through invaluable coaching, consulting, and training services. His expertise in business strategy and financial management enables him to take a holistic perspective and provide more optimal solutions for clients. Mr. Frazier’s book “Running Your Small Business Like A Pro” helps people increase the likelihood and magnitude of their success in business. He has also produced POWER BREAKFAST events in Northern NJ for almost 10 years generating $10+ million in both economic impact and financing for 1,000+ attendees. His online Small Business Pro University provides entrepreneurs with access to best practices and useful knowledge for running their businesses more professionally. Andrew’s articles have appeared in the digital edition of Sales and Marketing Management, and “Octane”, the worldwide Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s (EO) blog, and “, “, and NJ Business magazine”. He was also interviewed on RVN.TV Family Business World show and the syndicated “School for Startups Radio” show. Andrew has worked 1-on-1 with 500+ business owners and taught thousands of people about business over the last 10+ years. He graduated from MIT with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, earned an MBA in Finance from NYU, and achieved the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. His background includes significantly diverse experiences as a Naval Officer, Operations Manager, Corporate Executive, Investment Manager, Real Estate Investor, Non-Profit Leader, Board Member, Business Owner, Professor, Coach, Consultant, Trainer, and Author. Learn more about Andrew by visiting

Andrew Frazier, MBA, CFA, SBPro

Business Growth Pro and CFO


Instructor Bio:

Angela Durham is the Founder and Managing Partner of Redwood Consulting Partners LLC, a boutique human capital consulting business serving global firms operating in the major financial markets. As the lead partner, she helps clients innovate solutions and create systems for a rapidly changing, competitive landscape. C-level executives and their teams value her insight and ROI-focused approach to developing leadership and engaging employees. As the former Chief Diversity Officer for a Fortune Global 500 company, Angela’s experiences and leadership roles in companies such as Citibank, IBM, Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers enable her to bring insight and action to active allyship in the workplace. She has brought teams together throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas through shared purpose and a respect for differences. As a cisgender female, born to a German mother and African American father serving in the military, at a time when her birth was deemed illegal, Angela understands the complexity of identity and its effect on belonging and performance. Angela is an engaging communicator and is sought after to coach for women’s leadership programs such as Paradigm for Parity®, Pacesetters for the Financial Women’s Association, and the OASIS Program at Rutgers University. She is passionate about the science of organizational performance and frequently shares her perspectives with professional groups including the Society of Consulting Psychologists, New York Association of Psychological Type, and the National Association of Securities Professionals. She frequently lectures on leadership, management and organizational behavior at universities such as Rutgers Business School and Wharton. Angela earned an MBA and BS in Economics from The Wharton School of Business where she is an Alumni Diversity Leader developing inclusion programs for Penn’s Spectrum Community. She is credentialed by the International Coaching Federation and the NeuroLeadership Institute. Like many parents today, she wonders what school will look like for her high-school senior this Fall.

Angela E. Durham

Founder & Managing Partner


Instructor Bio:

I have over 30 years of business experience with a strong track record of leading organizations to outstanding results. My goal as CEO of Level Five Consulting is to bring world class management tools and processes to companies in an effort to take them from good to great.

Terry Trayvick

Managing General Partner at 5th Level Capital