You will learn to...

By taking this course on Connecting the Dots.

  • Understand the possibilities, potential and promise of connecting the dots

  • Think more deliberately and intuitively while committing to implement more effectively

  • Sustain a network of people and information to sell and market more effectively

Course curriculum

  • 01


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    • What You Will Learn

    • Meet Your Instructor - Don Viapree

  • 02

    What Is Connecting The Dots?

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    • Setting The Stage - 5:18

    • Getting A Job - 4:39

    • A Problem - 6:23

    • A Reminder - 4:22

    • The New Guy - 7:56

    • Every Dot Matters - 2:06

    • Share Your Dots - 7:29

  • 03

    Course Wrap-Up

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    • Quiz - Connecting the Dots...

    • We Value Your Feedback

  • 04

    Bonus Material

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    • Preview of Connecting the Dots w/ Don Viapree on Leadership LIVE @8:05!

    • Connecting the Dots - Leadership LIVE @ 8:05! w/ Don Viapree

Don "The Don" Viapree

Instructor Bio:

A valued consultant, dynamic public speaker, dedicated mentor and trusted guardian with a network that spans the globe. Don is a recognized, retired leader in the Telecommunications Industry whose responsibilities included franchise negotiations in more than 80 municipalities throughout the State of New Jersey. He fostered alliances in federal, state, and municipal governments as well as schools, colleges, non-profit, and faith-based organizations.

Don Viapree

Valued Consultant, Dynamic Public Speaker, Dedicated Mentor and Trusted Advisor