About This Course

  • If you don't like your sales conversations, learn how to sharpen your sales conversation tools.

  • Develop more confidence in sales related presentations.

  • How to express yourself well, quickly and dynamically in the sales environment.

Course curriculum

  • 01


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    • Welcome To The Course

    • About This Course

    • Introduction- 2:18

    • Overview - 3:05

  • 02

    Overcoming Your Fear of Selling

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    • Fear of Selling - 3:34

    • Top 5 Secrets - 5:59

    • Ask Questions - 3:11

    • Focus on Value - 4:50

    • Be Committed, Not Attached - 2:32

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    Course Wrap-Up

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    • Test Your Knowledge

Casey Carpenter

Instructor Bio:

I work with (women) leaders who struggle to communicate with their teams virtually. Not only is business "not as usual..." YOU are in the spotlight because you've got to lead video meetings and lead your team virtually, from home, with all its distractions. Your ability to lead a remote team can make or break you. There's a lot on the line and you can't afford any mess-ups. Getting it right could mean visibility, more respect, and confidence in your leadership abilities. Getting it wrong = a disengaged, demoralized team where your previously best talent is now walking out the door. You haven't done a lot of online meetings or distance leadership before and you've got to ramp up fast. The organization is counting on you...and oh! There hasn't been any "how-to" training! Why isn't online leadership intuitive? Because in-person meeting skill doesn’t automatically translate to what you need to do online. Just because you can read the faces in a boardroom doesn't mean you are as adept on video. For any leader who leads a team and holds meetings, you need to know: • Communicating on the "virtual stage" is not the same as speaking in a meeting room -- think "live TV" vs. "seeing a performance onstage." • You need way more energy and engagement to keep everyone's attention on video • Your content needs to be strategically organized to grab and keep wandering attention spans • And engagement? How can you be sure your old motivation tricks are gonna work in this online environment? (Hint: Do you know the #1 issue that sinks online teams faster than anything? It's loneliness!) The truth is that these skills rarely occur naturally for anyone. Even seasoned leaders are struggling to adapt their interpersonal skills to the virtual world. Where do I come in? I work with successful leaders who suddenly are in the spotlight and haven't mastered distance leadership to: • "Rock the rectangle" -- use your voice, presence & 13" laptop screen to ignite success • Exude confident and powerful leadership on video, inspiring engagement & followership • Preserve your brand reputation through trust and consistency...all from your newly-converted home office, ahem, kitchen table! Isn’t that what your team, organization, and YOU need right now? If you’re ready to explore how I help you speak to lead, let’s jump on a Speak & Own It Session. Schedule it here: www.scheduletimewithcasey.com.

Casey Carpenter

Founder & CEO, Speak & Own It Communications LLC