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Course curriculum

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    • Welcome to the Small Business Pro Certification Program

    • Orientation Video - 7:43

    • Syllabus - SBPro Certification Syllabus

    • Course Content Outline - SBPro Certification

    • Meet Your Instructors

    • Instructors and Course Contributors - SBPro University

    • Tell Us About You and Your Business

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    Getting Started

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    • Join Our Mailing List to Receive the "Masterpreneur Monthly Magazine" and the "SBPro Weekly Fast-Track" emails

    • Join Private Facebook & LinkedIn Groups

    • Access Social Media Profiles & Updates

    • Schedule LIVE Monthly Virtual Activities (Networking, Training, and Business Roundtables)

    • Schedule LIVE Weekly Virtual Group Coaching Sessions

    • Reminders for Weekly Livestream - Leadership LIVE @ 8:05! - Talking Small Business

    • Quick Questions

    • Schedule Your Quick Chat With A Small Business Pro

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    Key Learning Resources

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    • Running Your Small Business Like A Pro - Multimedia Book

    • The Masterpreneur Playbook Summary

    • Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

    • Intelligent Influence Audiobook and More

    • Video Recordings - Leadership LIVE @ 8:05! - Talking Small Business

    • Get Member Rates on Strategic Coaching and Coach-sulting Sessions

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    Elective Mini-Courses

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    • Sales and Marketing Mini-Courses

    • Digital Marketing Mini-Courses

    • Financing and Financial Management Mini-Courses

    • Business Strategy and Operations Mini-Courses

    • Human Resources and Admin Related Mini-Courses

    • Thought Leadership Mini-Courses

  • 05

    Part 1 -Personal Assessment

    Show Content
    • Chapter 1 - How Did I Get Here?

    • Chapter 1 - How Did I Get Here? - 16:13

    • About the Myers Type Indicator (MBTI)

    • Having Fun With The MBTI :-)

    • Be Most Likely To Succeed - Mini-Course

    • Chapter 1 Worksheet

    • Test Your Knowledge - Chapter 1

    • Key Learnings

  • 06

    Part 2 - Masterpreneur Playbook

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    • Masterpreneur Playbook Mini-Course

    • The Masterpreneur Playbook Summary

    • Key Learnings

  • 07

    Part 3 - Sales and Marketing

    Show Content
    • Chapter 2 - What Is My Most Important Job?

    • Chapter 2 - What Is My Most Important Job! - 37:25

    • Chapter 2 - Worksheets

    • Test Your Knowledge - Chapter 2

    • Key Learnings

  • 08

    Part 4 - Financial Management

    Show Content
    • Chapter 3 - What Is My Greatest Fear?

    • Chapter 3 - What is My Greatest Fear? - 26:23

    • Chapter 3 - Worksheets

    • Test Your Knowledge - Chapter 3

    • Key Learnings

  • 09

    Part 5 - Financing

    Show Content
    • Chapter 4 - Where Will I Find The Money?

    • Chapter 4 - Where Will I Find the Money - 36:17

    • Chapter 4 - Worksheet

    • Chapter 4 - Credit Report

    • Key Learnings

    • Test Your Knowledge - Chapter 4

  • 10

    Part 6 - Operations Management

    Show Content
    • Chapter 5 - Is It Me Or Are My Employees Crazy?

    • Chapter 5 - Is it Me or Are My Employees Crazy? - 17:17

    • Chapter 5 - Worksheet

    • Key Learnings

    • Test Your Knowledge - Chapter 5

  • 11

    Part 7 - Risks & Rewards of Entrepreneurship

    Show Content
    • Chapter 6 - Can I Get My Old Job Back?

    • Chapter 6 - Can I Get My Old Job Back? - 17:23

    • Chapter 6 - Worksheet

    • Key Learnings

    • Test Your Knowledge - Chapter 6

  • 12

    Part 8 - Retirement Planning

    Show Content
    • Chapter 7 - How Will I Ever Retire?

    • Chapter 7 - How Will I Ever Retire? - 15:55

    • Chapter 7 - Worksheet

    • Key Learnings

    • Test Your Knowledge - Chapter 7

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Instructor and Facilitators

Meet The Team

Andrew Frazier empowers business owners to Maximize the Value of their companies by helping them Grow Revenue, Increase Profitability, and Obtain Financing. He guides them along the critical path to create a sustainable business that can run without them through invaluable coaching, consulting, and training services. His expertise in business strategy and financial management enables him to take a holistic perspective and provide more optimal solutions for clients. Mr. Frazier’s book “Running Your Small Business Like A Pro” helps people increase the likelihood and magnitude of their success in business. He has also produced POWER BREAKFAST events in Northern NJ for almost 10 years generating $10+ million in both economic impact and financing for 1,000+ attendees. His online Small Business Pro University provides entrepreneurs with access to best practices and useful knowledge for running their businesses more professionally. Andrew’s articles have appeared in the digital edition of Sales and Marketing Management, and “Octane”, the worldwide Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s (EO) blog, and “, “, and NJ Business magazine”. He was also interviewed on RVN.TV Family Business World show and the syndicated “School for Startups Radio” show. Andrew has worked 1-on-1 with 500+ business owners and taught thousands of people about business over the last 10+ years. He graduated from MIT with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, earned an MBA in Finance from NYU, and achieved the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. His background includes significantly diverse experiences as a Naval Officer, Operations Manager, Corporate Executive, Investment Manager, Real Estate Investor, Non-Profit Leader, Board Member, Business Owner, Professor, Coach, Consultant, Trainer, and Author. Learn more about Andrew by visiting

Andrew Frazier, MBA, CFA, SBPro

Business Growth Pro and CFO

Instructor and Facilitators

Meet The Team

As a Sales and Marketing Strategist, I founded Archer Strategies and help companies develop and refine their sales processes to get great results. We work with select B-to-B clients to help target the right audience for their specific product or service, and then we help them craft the right message to start meaningful sales conversations. In short, we get you solid sales leads, with a particular emphasis in developing winning programs for technical and innovative products. Top athletes and business leaders need coaches to propel them to their next level. As a Business Coach I can help you as a business owner find greater success in your business and personal life, and have extensive experience and testimonials to back it up. I own and operate The Alternative Board® (TAB) of Northern New Jersey and use LinkedIn to meet distinguished business owners and executives in Northern New Jersey. Let's connect and see if we can help each other. About TAB TAB is a selective, invitation only, business membership organization made up of presidents, chief executives & local business owners who meet together in small structured boards on a monthly basis facilitated by an experienced business coach. TAB Members meet to improve the performance of their companies, become better leaders and achieve a better balance in their lives. TAB business owners tackle their challenges and move their businesses forward faster as they discover new solutions, leveraging each other's experience and expertise. About Me Over the years, I have been involved in all aspects of running a business, from the tough early days of a startup right through to the sale of a successful business; helping companies go from losses to profit and dramatically grow sales and market share along the way. With an Engineering background, I love solving complex technical and business problems. I am a certified facilitator and an executive coach with many success stories. Let's discuss what you have going on - I know I can help you! Reach out to me: ► or 973-368-7726

Gene Bohensky

Sales & Marketing Strategist

Instructor and Facilitators

Meet The Team

I have over 30 years of business experience with a strong track record of leading organizations to outstanding results. My goal as CEO of Level Five Consulting is to bring world class management tools and processes to companies in an effort to take them from good to great.

Terry Trayvick

Managing General Partner at 5th Level Capital