About This Course

  • Learn about the state of the publishing industry

  • How publishing can help you become more successful

  • The various publishing methods and options

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

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  • 02

    Introduction To Publishing

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    • Publishing Industry Overview

    • Why Publish?

    • What Do I Publish?

    • Who's Doing It?

    • How Do I Do It?

    • Traditionally Published Books

    • Short Run Digital Books

    • Print On Demand Books

    • Cost Comparison

    • Who Owns What?

  • 03

    Creating Your Book

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    • AdLab Author Publishing Guidelines

    • AdLab Author FAQ's

    • Developing An Outline

    • Author Thought Starter

    • Set Your Book Apart

    • Getting Help Along The Way

    • Book Writing checklist

    • PrePub Checklist

  • 04

    Course Wrap Up

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    • Review What You Learned

    • We Value Your Feedback

  • 05

    Bonus Content

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  • 06

    Next Steps...

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Barry Cohen

Instructor Bio:

With over 40 years in advertising & PR, Barry has helped many smaller emerging brands of consumer goods move product. He has designed and implemented successful media and creative campaigns extremely cost-effectively. He has spoken at trade shows and conferences coast-to-coast, writes a guest column for a media trade magazine, and has authored two business books. Barry has worked with numerous producers of home improvement and health and beauty products--especially natural products. He has also been active in promoting players in the leisure travel industry. Specialties: Nationwide cost-effective broadcast media buys. Publishing for thought leadership. Raising the profile and credibility of entrepreneurs and professionals. Helped authors launch two dozen publishing projects--manuscript editor and book publicist. Secured media coverage for authors on major media outlets.

Barry Cohen

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